This session is ideal for anyone who wants to become more adept at dealing with change and alleviate the symptoms of stress. It will explore our unique reactions to both and how best to increase levels of adaptability & resilience. Not only does it provide tangible tools to help an individual deal with stress, uncertainty or overwhelm, it is also useful for managers who wish to help their teams in the same regard – boosting mental health & well-being.



To provide participants with proven techniques to boost their own levels of adaptability & resilience, particularly during times of change, and have a positive impact on mental well-being

Key Objectives

  • Define resilience & why it’s important for well-being
  • Identify multiple strategies for boosting resilience
  • Use specific techniques in and out of work to increase well-being levels


  • The varying impact change can have on an individual’s well-being
  • The change curve roller coaster
  • Definitions of adaptability & resilience & their impact on well-being
  • Top strategies for boosting resilience – including mindfulness & PERMA model
  • How to develop an optimistic perspective & the surprising benefits of defensive pessimism
  • The difference between a growth vs. a fixed mindset & its impact on learning
  • Recognising adaptability & resilience in self & others
  • The adaptability toolkit to increase levels of adaptability & resilience
  • Uncertainty Filter – deal ambiguity & change
  • Positive Reframing – bounce back & see the positive in things
  • Energy Levels – maintain energy levels to stay focused & on track
  • Conversational ‘flip-it’ strategies to positively reframe negative events
  • Using the circle of influence to recognise what is and what isn’t within our control
  • Covey’s Circle of Influence to alleviate stress & regain control
  • The practice of gratitude for mental well-being


Sessions are interactive & require full audience participation. Participants will need a webcam & microphone on a laptop or mobile device. The session will be run in Zoom (or equivalent platform) and a PDF of all slides will be made available following the session.