Now that we are faced with spending so much time in the virtual space, working remotely and with less face-to-face time with colleagues, customers & suppliers, we need to consider how best to represent our personal brands – virtually. Whether that involves understanding the etiquette for successful virtual meetings; how best to present our ideas or considering our digital presence on social media, we need to ensure that we still present ourselves in a positive and professional manner.


To successfully represent your personal brand in virtual communications

Key Objectives

  • To present yourself well in virtual meetings
  • To communicate clearly when working remotely
  • To market yourself digitally & expand your professional network


Creating your personal brand

  • What is a personal brand & why is it important?
  • Representing your brand – what do you want to stand for, what is your work persona?
  • Balancing authenticity with professionalism

Virtual communication

  • Pet peeves & best practice for virtual comms
  • Ways to represent your brand virtually – which method is best?
  • Best practice for virtual communication
  • How to engage with people virtually

Virtual meetings

  • How to represent yourself well in virtual meetings
  • Virtual meetings etiquette
  • Managing expectations & understandings people’s communication preferences

Building a professional network

  • Linked In and social media – what does your digital footprint say about you
  • How to effectively market yourself to your colleagues & build a strong professional network
Presenting your brand

  • Creating your personal brand identify
  • Presenting your brand to others


Sessions are interactive & require full audience participation. Participants will need a webcam & microphone on a laptop or mobile device. The session will be run in Zoom (or equivalent platform) and a PDF of all slides will be made available following the session.