With around 70% of the population experiencing imposter syndrome at some point in their lives, having strategies to deal with those pervading feelings of inadequacy can be extremely beneficial. This session will provide an insight into what imposter syndrome is, where it comes from & how to overcome it. It will enable participants to feel more deserving of success, better
equipped to push themselves out of their comfort zones and start to exude more confidence, both in and out of the workplace.


To recognise what imposter syndrome is, where it comes from and how to overcome it



  • To define what imposter syndrome is, where it comes from & why it happens
  • To recognise limiting beliefs and their impact on an individual’s model of the world
  • To describe 3 specific techniques to help overcome imposter syndrome


  • Definition of imposter syndrome & where it comes from
  • The hidden benefits & more obvious drawbacks of limiting beliefs
  • Recognising the signs & impact of imposter syndrome
  • Pluralistic ignorance: acknowledging that imposter syndrome is commonly experienced to release its hold on our anxiety levels
  • How social comparison theory feeds into feelings of inadequacy
  • Sharing success strategies to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Positive reframing & reinforcement to generate more positive internal dialogue
  • Uncover & play to personal strengths to increase confidence levels
  • Challenging limiting beliefs with powerful coaching questions


Sessions are interactive & require full audience participation. Participants will need a webcam & microphone on a laptop or mobile device. The session will be run in Zoom (or equivalent platform) and a PDF of all slides will be made available following the session.