Whether brand new to virtual delivery or transitioning from traditional classroom training to the virtual space, this suite of virtual courses will provide key tools on how to design & deliver engaging and impactful virtual instructor led training sessions or webinars. We have sessions designed for both existing trainers who wish to learn how to deliver virtually rather than face to face as well as for those who are brand new to designing & delivering virtual training.

Purpose To maximise virtual design & delivery to increase audience engagement
Content to include
  • Identify and overcome the top challenges of virtual delivery
  • Apply the three components for successful virtual delivery
  • Set clear frames and establish presence as a virtual facilitator
  • Build rapport quickly with participants
  • Gain buy-in with the four-step opener
  • Facilitate learning with the art of asking questions and making conversational links
  • Increase engagement with tools and technology
  • Consider the logistics required prior to virtual delivery
  • Adapt face to face content to virtual
  • Know the principles to design virtual content from scratch
  • Recognise the differences between virtual instructor led training (VILT) and webinars to select the best options for virtual delivery
  • Create the right physical & virtual environment as a facilitator
  • Use a virtual delivery checklist to ensure seamless delivery
  • Practise live delivery and receive peer feedback
Logistics Sessions are interactive & require full audience participation. Participants will need a webcam & microphone on a laptop or mobile device. The session will be run in Zoom (or equivalent platform) and a PDF of all slides will be made available following the session.