Effective communication is essential to conveying and receiving clear messages. It is having the ability to be flexible enough in your behaviour to affect positive results in yourself and others on a consistent basis. This course is ideal for providing the tools to improve communication flow internally with colleagues and externally with customers, and suppliers. Ideal for individuals who would like to gain a greater awareness of their own communication style, how it potentially impacts others and how to communicate more effectively to forge stronger working relationships.



To develop crucial communication skills to create successful working relationships

Key Objectives

  • To deepen understanding of personal communication style & how it may impact others
  • To recognise & overcome the barriers to effective communication
  • To use clear communication tools of listening, asking questions & empathy to improve working relationships


Part 1 Part 2
  • Identify barriers to effective communication
  • Benefits & tips for effective communication
  • Bounded rationality & the impact of filters on how we see the world
  • Origins of communication: projected vs. real self – reflection activity
  • Core communication skills: Connecting, Encouraging, Listening, Questioning, Confirming, Providing
  • How to build rapport
  • Active listening strategies
  • Asking questions: types & purpose
  • The 3 levels of empathy
  • How to demonstrate empathy with facts & feelings
  • The impact of emotions on communication
  • Identifying & understanding personality traits
  • The impact of communication styles
  • My communication style – self-assessment
  • Origins of the colour’s personality profile
  • Definition & traits of the four colour personality styles
  • Colours in action activity
  • How to communicate effectively with the different colour preferences
  • Tailoring communications to maximise engagement


Sessions are interactive & require full audience participation. Participants will need a webcam & microphone on a laptop or mobile device. The session will be run in Zoom (or equivalent platform) and a PDF of all slides will be made available following the session.