What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It provides a way to set and maintain focus to achieve goals plus uncover long-term strategies to overcome issues that may impinge on performance. Coaching can help build self-awareness, responsibility, and self-belief. Fundamentally, is it about improving communication and motivation resulting in increased ROI, improved relationships and boosted morale and confidence. Working 1-2-1 with an experienced executive coach, the coaching sessions are uniquely tailored to the individual coachee to enable them to overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals.

Why have Executive Coaching?

Being at the top in an organisation can be incredibly challenging without a peer or boss to talk to about challenges and ideas. Having a coach can provide that confidential support and constructive challenge to address work-based issues and achieve goals. In addition, in the present climate of uncertainty, cutbacks and added pressures it can become hard to keep motivated, retain focus and continue to be productive for the same or less reward. Which is why coaching as a development tool can be so crucial to both employee engagement and personal development. Our Executive Coaching approach is designed to improve performance through one-to-one sessions tailored 100% to the individual.

When is Executive Coaching most useful?

Ideal for senior leaders, first to mid line managers, business owners, directors, and individuals who are interested in enhancing existing skills and improving personal performance, particularly when:

• In transition from one role to another
• Needing to increase influence and engagement with key stakeholders
• Faced with a business issue, challenge, or setback
• Being fast tracked
• Wanting to increase personal impact and confidence levels within the workplace
• At a career cross-roads
• Formulating a business, new team or personal development strategy
• Facing high levels of stress or overwhelm
• Need support in achieving professional goals
• Taking on a new management role

All of our coaches are specialists in communication strategies and behavioural change techniques and can help to identify, focus on and achieve the things that are important to the individual.

Our standard coaching programmes typically consist of 3-6 sessions for 90 minutes at a time, every 4-6 weeks. These sessions can be delivered face to face or virtually via Zoom or Teams, with additional telephone and email support where required in the interim.

If you would like to find out more about our executive coaching programme and take advantage of our free no obligation rapport meeting then please email info@cascadelearning.co.uk or call 01903 251066.

Lead Coach


Our lead Executive Coach and Managing Director of Cascade is Jules MacMillan. She has a degree in communication, a diploma in learning and development and been an NLP coach and trainer in the field of People Development since 2003.

In her capacity as a coach, she has worked globally with first line managers and senior executives to help them achieve their development goals. Using a blend of directive and non-directive coaching, Jules offers a safe space and soundboard for coachees to share work-based personal & professional challenges with a view to facilitating them to overcoming those challenges.

Passionate about inspiring others to embed positive change, she provides them with tangible tools and strategies to achieve their desired outcomes, well beyond the coaching session themselves. Her coaching style is open, direct, and engaging. When it comes to the directive side of coaching, her areas of speciality are personal impact, people management & presentation skills, in which she also mentors people. Directive coaching gives coachees the opportunity to learn new models and frameworks within their development areas and then be coached around the real-world application of them.

All coaching sessions are completely confidential.

What to expect: our approach…

All of our coaching programmes begin with a FREE, no obligation rapport meeting to ascertain key objectives and areas for development and to see if coach and coachee have rapport. For coaching to work well this is essential.

From this initial session, if the coachee wishes to proceed, then the key learning outcomes for the programme will be set and scored so there are tangible outcomes to track throughout the process. The sessions will then be uniquely tailored to the coachee’s specific outcomes.

We would recommend an initial three or six session package – dependant on need – with a mid-way review. Each session lasts 90 minutes. Sessions generally run every 4-6 weeks. In between sessions coachees will be tasked with mutually agreed upon ‘homework’ – again tailored to their needs and the outcomes of each session – to provide an opportunity to apply and bed in the development from the sessions. The coach will be there to hold the coachee accountable to action this whilst providing appropriate support and constructive feedback where needed.

Whether you are an L&D professional sourcing an executive coach for a senior leader or a potential coachee sourcing one for yourself we would often work alongside your organisation to ensure individual development is in alignment with organisational needs and objectives.

Following the culmination of the coaching programme there is a final scoring of the initial outcomes to assess the level of improvement made plus the coachee would submit a reflective statement to sum up their experience, key learnings and achievements. We’ve found using this approach provides one of the most tangible ways to demonstrate the true impact of the coaching on the coachee and their professional and personal development .

Hear what some of our previous coachees have said:

“It was excellent. I came out of it very focused and very confident about my management techniques and communication skills.”

“After the coaching there was a noticeable increase in my ability to cope with more challenging situation plus an increase in confidence. I gained a different perspective on various scenarios encountered in the workplace. This was extremely useful in terms of challenging my way of thinking.”

 “Thank you for the very productive and informative sessions I had the privilege of attending with you over the last couple of months. The coaching was absolutely superb, and I genuinely enjoyed each session. The content and additional material were informative and useful. The coaching had an impact on me in work as well as personal life. You were wonderful as a coach, and I appreciate the effort you made for each of the sessions.”

“Overall I found the coaching process to have been very beneficial and taking the time to identify areas of strength as well as areas for development during self-reflection has been a positive experience.”

If you would like to find out more about our executive coaching programme and take advantage of our free no obligation rapport meeting then please email info@cascadelearning.co.uk or call 01903 251066.