This course will provide everything a trainer needs to design and deliver impactful training sessions. This will include how to tailor modules to meet with different personalities and learning styles; how to enhance delivery style to inspire and engage delegates and facilitation skills to encourage group participation. This course will also include filming and feedback on performance. Ideal for those individuals who are new to training and want to learn best practice and existing trainers who want to enhance their skills and learn more advanced techniques to deliver powerful and memorable training sessions.

Course content to include…

  • An overview of training and its importance
  • How training fits within achieving organisational and individual objectives
  • How to structure overall content & individual modules to keep interest & maximise learning
  • Session set up – housekeeping, agreeing ground rules, objectives, setting and managing expectations
  • Session format – how to deliver effectively for different learning styles
  • Core facilitation skills – asking questions, answering questions with confidence, making transitions, delivering key learning points, managing and de-briefing activities, sticking to time and summing up, handling challenges & gaining ‘audience compliance’
  • Gaining group rapport and dealing with interruptions
  • How to read & use body language, tonality & language to influence at an advanced level
  • Audience engagement delivery style, engaging and promoting participation, how to use examples & storytelling to embed key learning points
  • Training tools & when to use them, including icebreakers, demos, exercises & props
  • Action planning – facilitating participant feedback, insights and setting action plans for work-based learning
  • Live practice – preparing for and running a mini training session and peer feedback

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Design a training session that caters to all learning styles
  • Ensure group participation and positive outcomes by applying a range of facilitation tools and methods
  • Deliver training with presence and confidence

“Thoroughly enjoyed course, got what I wanted from it – aimed just right”