Customers want to be delighted not just sold to; they want to walk away from a sale knowing they made the right choice and have that good after sales buzz. Customers now want more; they want ongoing customer service, a high level of knowledge & expertise from the sales person and a great deal of rapport and comfort surrounding their purchasing decision. There is so much more competition now that customers have more choice and so buy from the people who make the difference, they buy into personality not just products & services. So to meet this ever increasing need & be ahead of the competition this course will equip participants with the tools & techniques to meet this demand, sell even more effectively providing a great experience for the customer and ultimately greater result for the business. Ideal for individuals already in a sales role who want to enhance & develop their existing selling skills, be ahead of the competition, build stronger relationships with prospects & clients and sell even more effectively.

Course content to include…

  • Apply the skills and attitudes used by high-performing salespeople
  • Advance sales situations by using a consultative, customer-centric approach
  • Stages of a typical customer sales process
  • Identify the traits of high performing salespeople
  • 3 Core Principles that underpin effective selling
  • Appraising existing network & identifying areas to expand that network
  • Sales mapping with spheres of influence
  • Design and deliver a lift pitch for face-to-face networking
  • Making a good first impression with PLEASE
  • The five Steps to Consultative Sales and tactics for each
  • Build sustainable rapport with prospective & existing customers
  • Defining a target customer profile
  • Watching out for the curse of assumptions & sales traps
  • Develop key questions to uncover customer issues & needs
  • Using the SENSE questioning model to increasing engagement
  • Confirm understanding & provide customer focussed solutions
  • The top 4 objections & how to combat with confidence
  • Objection handling model
  • Traditional closes & how to use them to gain agreement

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Use a clear strategy to maximise sales opportunities
  • Build rapport quickly & develop strong customer relationships
  • Handle objections & close sales more effectively

“I wanted to say that your training for me has been fantastic, and the following people who I have had any contact with and used what you told me, have ALL, without exception, converted to REAL business!! It’s brilliant!”