By harnessing the power of structured brainstorming, you will have a highly productive business tool whereby ideas can be categorised by effectiveness and feasibility and within a specific time frame. You will see how new, strategically smart ideas balance the needs of your customers with competitive advantage. Sessions provide a focussed method of brainstorming that is measurable and actionable. It encourages active involvement from all participants to resolve issues, develop products, generate ideas, define objectives and create business plans. It turns blue sky concepts into actionable, specific goals. Ideal for internal planning meetings, issue resolution, product or service development and how to ensure goals are achieved easily and consistently.

Course content to include…

  • The Magic Wand breaks through constraints – real or perceived – to define the goal and steer problem solving
  • The feasibility, difference & value study is ideal for any product or service development. You will identify key areas that offer the greatest potential and customer value to give the competitive edge and can be most feasibly implemented
  • The appraisal wheel will prioritise stated objectives and what has to be done to achieve them. Short, medium and long-term goals will be established
  • Goal clarification centres on group coaching in achieving identified goals
  • SMART goal setting creates the appraisal methodology for setting realistic and achievable goals with the group collectively agreeing the timeline and accountability

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Work more effectively as a team
  • Consider a customer focussed approach that also benefits the organisation
  • Generate measurable results

“A wonderfully efficient way to generate tangible ideas and outcomes without being stuck in endless meetings.”