As recruitment can be a very timely and costly process it is crucial to get the interview process right first time; ensuring that the right person is selected for the role. This course is designed to provide a clear process for conducting a successful interview that can be both measured and replicated for each candidate to ensure that fair and professional interviews are conducted. It provides the mechanisms to know how to prepare for and carry out the interview process and techniques to enhance existing skills. Lastly it gives a tangible way to measure the success of each candidate to help with final selection.

Who is it for?

For all staff who want to have a clear structure for interviewing best practice and for those who want a refresher in practising interviewing skills.

Course content to include…

  • The cost of getting recruitment wrong and importance of recruiting the right person first time
  • PRICE structure & key tips for successful interviews
  • Preparation and planning – roles and competencies
  • Reviewing the job advert, job description and person specification
  • Using a question plan as a framework for effective interviews
  • How to create good first impressions
  • Building and maintaining appropriate rapport
  • Making your questions count: using the right questions during the interview
  • Importance of active listening and avoiding barriers
  • Social intelligence & reading your interviewee
  • Competency based interviewing: how to identify desirable competencies for key roles & for the organisation in general
  • How to design competency-based questions to uncover them in an interview
  • Overview on STAR based interviewing and how to look out for it in candidates answers
  • Managing expectations of candidates when closing interviews
  • Evaluating the interview to help you select the best possible candidate

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Understand interview best practice
  • Design and use competency-based interview questions
  • • Conduct interviews effectively, professionally and consistently

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