The ability to present yourself, & your key messages well, is crucial if you want to engage key stakeholders and be persuasive and compelling when communicating. This intensive course will provide participants with the perfect presentation ingredients to confidently design & deliver both formal and informal presentations. This course will enable attendees to overcome any nerves around presenting and provide them with the ability to plan, design and deliver effective presentations to audiences of any size.

Course content to include…

  • The importance of presenting with impact for career success
  • The main ingredients that make up successful presentations
  • Individual presentations with peer feedback (filming optional)
  • How to build presence & top communication tips for presenters
  • Using the Communication model & behavioural filters to understand where nerves originate & the importance of understanding your audience
  • How to overcome anxiety & get into the right state to present effectively
  • Using the TRINITY – 3 simple steps to deal with stage fright & look like a confident presenter
  • Rapport building to gain & maintain connection with an audience
  • Gaining group rapport with the Charisma model
  • Communication style preferences
  • The ASSERT model to develop a confident presentation style
  • How to act as if – using body language to present with impact
  • Using the right one of voice with the 5 Ps of tonal modulation
  • Engage others with non-verbal patterns of communication
  • Planning a presentation – setting a clear outcome
  • Mind-mapping as a toll to design presentations
  • Audience analysis & tailoring to an audience
  • Learning styles & the different ways audiences engage with presentation content
  • Using the 4-MAT system to structure & deliver engaging presentations
  • Using tools to increase audience engagement – visual aids & verbal grabbers
  • The art of storytelling for engaging presentations
  • Lift off! Final presentation practice & peer feedback

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Engage & build rapport with key stakeholders
  • Be clear and confident in delivering, succinct tailored messages
  • Increase engagement levels and personal impact during meetings & presentations

“This is the most helpful course for 23 years and I wish I had done it back then. I feel my career would have benefited.”