This course is for individuals who wish to increase their levels of positive influence & persuasion with colleagues, customers or suppliers and be able to present themselves & their ideas with confidence. It will enable participants to positively influence people via all forms of communication, from email to formal presentations, within the workplace. Using their own real-world examples they will have an opportunity to practice the 4 key stages of influence & design their communications to key stakeholders to gain buy-in & high levels of engagement.

Course content to include…

  • Defining positive influence & identifying influence situations
  • Difference between positive influence & manipulation
  • The 4 stages of positive influence
  • Starting with the aim in mind when defining an influence message
  • Gaining clarity with six clarity questions
  • The 2 key factors that influence a change in other’s behaviour
  • Setting the scene with an influence statement
  • Understanding body language and voice & how to use them to influence
  • Delivering influence messages with impact & presence
  • Understanding & influencing different personalities
  • Tailoring communications to specific stakeholders
  • Increasing engagement within communications

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • To define positive influence & it’s impact on fruitful relationships
  • To present ideas with impact
  • To understand how to tailor communications to their intended recipients to gain positive results

“Making sense of things that I & others do – with humour, energy & focus & presenting new options & ideas.”