We are constantly presenting our brand to others, be it good or bad. This course provides an overview on how to consciously assess, develop and present a consistently good personal brand. As good performance alone is no longer enough to succeed, we need to ensure we are more visible to key stakeholders and representing ourselves in the best light possible. Ideal for those who wish to increase an awareness of how they present themselves within the workplace.

Course content to include…

  • Definition of a personal brand and assessment of existing personal brand
  • Introduction to brands – mission statements & organisational brands
  • Famous personal brands and learning from role models
  • Developing a personal own mission statement of intent
  • Learn how to recover from a poor brand
  • The chimp paradox & dealing with emotional hijacking
  • Brand & career success and the importance of a strong personal brand
  • Developing the brand of ‘me’ by reflecting on your life timeline
  • Using the timelines to uncover core values, beliefs and top strengths
  • Creating a future timeline
  • Being on brand by balancing professionalism with authenticity
  • Aligning your personal brand with the organisations brand
  • Presenting yourself with impact
  • Creating a good first impression with PLEASE
  • How to build a stong professional network and different types of networks
  • Outlining spheres of influence to develop stronger networks
  • Defining your Brand clearly
  • Personal brand presentations and a Brand slam! activity

 By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Define personal brand & what that means to career success
  • Understand the impact our brands have on others
  • Develop a strong personal brand for the future and communicate it more intentionally

  “This course has really given me the confidence to put myself out there more at work and feel more in control of my career progression”