This course is designed to provide top line insights into successful negotiation strategies to aid individuals in their ability to negotiate at all levels. This translates well for use in more traditional sales and customer service contexts as well as how best to create win/win situations around day-to-day tasks and dealings with colleagues, suppliers and clients.

Course content to include…

  • Defining what effective negotiation is
  • Identify negotiation traps
  • Overview of the negotiation model
  • Preparation: building a ‘customer’ profile
  • Setting negotiation aims & levels from ultimate to walk away point
  • Identifying the BATNA
  • Negotiation tips: Trading concessions & the law of reciprocity
  • Rapport building & making a good first impression
  • Effective communication techniques to aid negotiation
  • Needs based questioning using SENSE model
  • Making your pitch with 4 simple steps
  • Objection handling & gaining agreement with the ADRSS framework

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Clearly define what effective negotiation is
  • Prepare successfully for win/win outcomes
  • Use the 5 stages of negotiation in their workplace interactions

“I’d never hear of a BATNA before this course, now I know what ours is and how to avoid it and get the ultimate outcome from our negotiations – thank you!”