Minutes are essential to the success of a meeting as attendees need them to serve as a reminder of key discussion points, confirmation of who said what and most importantly specific actions that need to be taken as a result. It is therefore crucial that whoever records the minutes does so in a consistent and professional manner and has the confidence to ensure they do so accurately.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals who are unfamiliar with best practice behind minute taking in business meetings and wish to build confidence and learn a strategy for fulfilling that role professionally.

Course content to include…

  • Understand the purpose & structure of effective meetings
  • Meeting etiquette & success criteria
  • Potential pitfalls & what causes meetings to fail
  • One off vs. regular meetings
  • Importance of preparation & the 3 A’s of effective meetings
  • Arranging a meeting – inviting the right attendees and dealing with administration
  • Roles & responsibilities of key attendees: Chair, minute taker & contributors
  • Agendas and meeting formats
  • The role of the chair & how to facilitate a meeting successfully
  • Managing participants expectations, & dealing with derailers
  • The role of the minute taker
  • Taking the right notes
  • Formatting notes
  • Structuring and writing up of minutes
  • Recording decisions and actions
  • Using the right language & level of detail
  • How to demonstrate confidence and assertiveness during meetings
  • Meeting practice

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Build confidence in attending meetings
  • Be able to effectively take minutes
  • Learn how to listen and summarise key information

“Very hands-on & practical, with valuable skills that can be transferrable to many different tasks”