With day-to-day stresses in the workplace attributing to higher numbers of stress related illnesses and reduction in productivity, the need for stress management has become paramount. This course will provide tangible techniques that can be used, both in and out of work, to combat stress as it arises and life skills to aid the reduction of stress levels in general. Participants will learn the root cause of their stress and how to manage that stress more effectively. They will also have the opportunity to coach others in how to alleviate their stress too – ideal for those in management or supervisory role.

Course content to include…

  • Definition of stress and why it occurs
  • The impact of stress in the workplace
  • The stress process and its influence on behaviour, emotions and physiology
  • The biology of stress and the short- and long-term effects
  • Recognising stress triggers & the signs of stress
  • Understanding its root cause & how it affects behaviour
  • How to positively influence our stress response with the stress busting strategy
  • Gaining control over our state with the Trinity
  • Stress Inducing Beliefs Indicator
  • Coaching questions to challenge & overcome limiting beliefs
  • Using stability zones to combat stress
  • Gaining a better work life balance with the Wheel of Life
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • How to prioritise tasks more effectively to alleviate overwhelm
  • Visualisation & relaxation techniquesStay calm & in control at times of stress

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Stay calm & in control at times of stress
  • Help others to overcome stress & anxiety
  • Learn new effective strategies for stress management both in & out of work

“I found the course extremely helpful. I believe that it will enable me to recognise stress symptoms in others, as well as myself, I would recommend that everyone attends this course”