An effective performance management process is fundamental in achieving organisational objectives and so this course will show managers the importance of performance management as a continuous cycle and their role in it. This will greatly contribute to a motivated and productive workforce whilst also avoiding escalation into formal disciplinaries. Managers will learn how to set key objectives & standards to effectively monitor & assess performance plus provide on-going coaching & feedback to engage and motivate staff.

Course content to include…

  • Purpose and benefits of effective performance management
  • Understanding of the key stages in the performance management process
  • Selling the value of an effective performance management process internally
  • Setting clear direction and managing staff expectations
  • Defining key performance standards, roles & responsibilities
  • Creating the right environment for a high-performance culture
  • Set & manage behavioural competencies & performance expectations
  • How to rate performance – what ratings are & how to assess against them
  • Using a coaching framework for effective performance 1-2-1s
  • Identifying any performance gaps – recognising & dealing with performance issues
  • Setting development plans and identifying learning and development needs
  • Provide appropriate learning opportunities that best meet someone’s learning preferences
  • Setting clear & achievable SMART objectives
  • Delivering constructive feedback using the RISE feedback model
  • Coaching skills to aid individual development, using the GROW model

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Describe the 4 stages of the performance management cycle
  • Recognise development tools to best support staff in achieving objectives in alignment with their learning preferences
  • Increase confidence to address & resolve performance issues

“I know feel I have more confidence to address poor performance when it arises, rather than having to go to HR each time.”