In the current economic climate many sectors are going through dramatic change which can lead to negativity, poor communication and a significant drop in staff performance. This course is designed to ensure change is managed proactively to keep morale and productivity high. It will cover best practice and give managers the tools to understand and overcome resistance to change. Ideal for individuals, particularly managers, who want to facilitate positive change and learn strategies for effective communication during the change cycle.

Course content to include…

  • Definitions of change and why it affects people differently
  • Benefits and challenges of organisational change and avoiding change pitfalls
  • Change initiatives research and success rates
  • Stages of organisational change and the importance of a clear communication strategy
  • Using a PESTLE analysis to forecast future change and potential contingency plans
  • Explaining the ‘why’ of change to gain buy-in
  • Using Force-Field analysis to make a business case for or against change
  • Understanding reactions to change and the different change types
  • Why barriers to change arise & how to overcome them
  • How best to utilise Activators and Blockers when leading change initiatives
  • The psychological aspect to change and the change curve
  • Conducting CLEAR change conversations
  • Preparing for effective change conversations
  • Being congruent and Authentic when discussing organisational change
  • Demonstrating empathy & active listening when facing resistance to change
  • Using conversational reframing techniques to deal with negative attitudes to change
  • Practice conducting change conversations with peer feedback

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Understand why change affects people differently
  • Make a business case for against change
  • Conduct a constructive change conversation

“An excellent course for those managing change.”