This course provides an overview on the fundamentals of great management, which will enable managers to get the best from their staff and themselves on a consistent basis. With so many individuals coming into management because they excelled in their roles, rather than being natural people leaders, this will help them be equipped to deal with the challenges management can bring. Participants will also be encouraged to share their own specific management challenges & success strategies to aid peer to peer learning. They will gain the frameworks & techniques to successfully manage their teams towards achieving organisational objectives, including the art of delegation & setting of SMART performance objectives. This is ideal for individuals who are new to management or have not received formal management training who wish to learn how to inspire and lead their teams to greater success.

Course content to include…

  • Role and responsibilities of a manager
  • Management capability assessment
  • Identify personal strengths & development areas in your role as a manager
  • The fine line between good vs. bad managers
  • Management role models
  • Common pitfalls that often derail managers
  • Ladder of inference & the curse of assumptions
  • The management cycle & management best practice
  • Importance of setting clear direction & managing staff expectations
  • Setting SMART performance objectives
  • Situational leadership & adapting your management style
  • Prioritising daily activities to maximise impact on performance
  • The art of delegation – traps, unconscious biases & a clear strategy for delegating the right task to the right person in the right way

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Understand management best practice and how to apply that on a daily basis
  • Adapt management style to gain the best results in a variety of scenarios
  • Delegate tasks effectively

 “Thank you for a fantastic course which has given me some extra skills which I can go on to use in my role as a manager.”