This programme will enable account managers and customer service staff to profile their key accounts, develop a robust contact strategy and improve customer retention and development. They will be able to map those accounts into core categories, identify the decision-making units and improve service levels. It will also enable those teams to improve their internal branding and communications strategy with internal customers.

Who is it for?

Ideal for those in an account management or client services role wanting to clearly identify and improve the efficiency in managing their key accounts in order to deliver excellent customer service.

Course content to include…

  • Definition of Key Account Management
  • Clearly define the role and ways of working as key account managers
  • Create a strong team image & brand with both internal & external customers
  • Identify & prioritise top 20% of key accounts
  • Grow & develop smaller accounts
  • How to develop clear customer profiles
  • Design & implement a key account management strategy & best practice
  • Set clear contact strategy for each client
  • Customer buying process & decision-making units
  • Competitive SWOT analysis
  • Account mapping & proactive account management to flag & resolve potential customer concerns
  • Building transformational relationships with the Relational Model
  • Creating an account plan & consistent contact strategy
  • Core communications skills for successful key account management
  • How to negotiate effectively with customers over price & product/service delivery
  • Importance of rapport building in sustaining fruitful relationships
  • SENSE questioning model to uncover issues & needs
  • Presenting ideas & solutions with confidence
  • Dealing with customer issues with objection handling model

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Identify top 20% key accounts
  • Develop a clear contact strategy
  • Develop long-term, profitable relationships with your key accounts

“The whole team found this course incredibly valuable in helping them prioritise their top accounts and has given them the confidence to know how to deal with complaints as and when they arise too.”