While the importance of being more emotionally intelligence within the workplace has been recognised for some time, it can sometimes be more challenging to know exactly how to demonstrate that in our role as leaders. This programme will provide an overview on what Emotional Intelligence is, explore the leadership competencies that underpin it and why it’s so important to encourage greater collaboration, engagement & cross-functional working.

Course content includes…

  • Overview on emotional intelligence – the EQ vs. IQ debate
  • Emotional intelligence as leader
  • The history & science of EI
  • The marshmallow test – delayed gratification & success
  • 4 domains of emotional intelligence
  • Goleman’s leadership styles & how best to employ them
  • Raising self-awareness as a leader – 3 levels of focus
  • Increasing levels of adaptability & resilience
  • Complete adaptability profile & identify development areas
  • Improve development areas with the adaptability toolkit
  • Emotional hijacking & the inner chimp
  • Self-management & managing our emotions
  • 3 levels of empathy & how to demonstrate them
  • Relationship management and how to maximise both exploitation & exploration
  • Rapport building for developing stronger relationships

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Describe the four domains of emotional intelligence
  • Recognise strengths & key development areas against the EI leadership competencies
  • Increase personal levels of emotional intelligence

“Self-Management was the revelation to me on this course, understanding my own emotions and what they are trying to tell me plus a better understanding of what’s going on with my team, particularly in times of change.”