Emotional intelligence is about having good levels of self-awareness, the ability to regulate one’s own emotions, demonstrate empathy and forge strong working relationships. It is essential in creating a high performance, high trust culture and is viewed as the differentiating factor that distinguishes great leaders from average ones – contributing hugely to individual & organisational success.  This course is ideal for those who want to gain an introduction to the topic and develop leadership capabilities to demonstrate greater levels of emotional intelligence in the future.

Course content to include…

  • Definition of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EI) & it’s importance in the workplace
  • The history and science behind EI
  • The difference between EQ vs. IQ and it’s impact on career success
  • An overview on Daniel Goleman’s 4 main domains of EI
  • 3 areas of focus: using EI to develop future leadership capabilities
  • The 3 levels of empathy leaders need to demonstrate high EI
  • Self-assessment of leadership competencies that underpin the domains
  • Exploring the application of emotional intelligence virtually vs. face to face
  • How to increase self-awareness and the impact our behaviour has on others
  • The basic physiology of emotions and difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ brain
  • ‘Emotional Hijacking’ and managing the inner chimp
  • The Marshmallow Test: Exploring the link between impulse control & success
  • Recognising what our emotions are telling us and how to manage them appropriately
  • Demonstrating empathy and gaining perspective with perceptual positions
  • Linking personal EI to organisational strategy – maximising the principles of exploitation and exploration
  • Relationship management and how to forge stronger working relationships

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Understand the importance of demonstrating emotional intelligence
  • Recognise how emotions impact behaviour and how to manage them
  • Develop EI leadership capabilities to boost personal impact and levels of influence

“We had fantastic feedback from this course, those who were lucky enough to attend said it was of a great value and we will definitely be running more”