With increasing choice and financial pressures customers are becoming more discriminating with their choices and are requiring a much higher level of service to make relationships memorable & long lasting. In today’s competitive markets, customer facing staff need to deliver excellent internal and external customer experiences. This course is designed to give those staff the skills to lead by example and deliver and maintain that level of service to ensure existing customers are retained and new ones satisfied. Ideal for customer facing staff and managers who want to improve upon existing customer service and enhance customer experience.

Course content to include…

  • Why customer service is important and basic principles in delivering it
  • 3 core components of delivering service excellence
  • Establishing the difference between good & bad customer service
  • Customer profiling & the mapping the customer journey
  • Communicating effectively with existing & potential customers
  • Developing a customer centric approach
  • Uncovering customer needs with questioning & active listening techniques
  • Building customer loyalty & the impact resolving complaints has on creating advocates
  • Bridging the service gap with RATER – 5 factors of quality service
  • Use the Customer Engagement Cycle to consistently deliver service excellence, predictable way to deliver service
  • Understand & manage customer expectations
  • Relationship building and how to achieve effective partnerships
  • How to build rapport with customers across all communication forms
  • Successfully acknowledging complaints with reassurance statements
  • Involving the customer in the solution when dealing with complaints
  • Creating customer retention & recommendations

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  •  Understand the 3 practice areas to deliver service excellence
  • Enhance the service levels throughout the entire customer journey
  • Overcome customer complaints effectively

“Very interesting and hugely beneficial to see things in another perspective”