Without regular performance conversations, staff can be left feeling disengaged and lacking direction, this course will provide managers with specific tools and techniques to confidently conduct performance conversations without the need for HR intervention. Covering some of the key communication skills needed for success, this interactive session will encourage managers to celebrate their staff’s successes as well as providing constructive & timely developmental feedback. If done regularly, these conversations can create stronger working relationships, encourage more ownership & autonomy, and ultimately increase performance, enabling the manager to become an effective performance coach, creating an open, transparent and constructive workplace. This course will provide managers with the tools & confidence to conduct constructive performance conversations.

Course content to include…

  • Purpose & importance of conducting performance conversations
  • Identify the barriers & benefits to conducting performance conversations
  • Setting clear direction & managing expectations
  • Top tips for delivering timely & effective impactful feedback
  • Using a simple 1-2-1 framework as the basis for performance conversations
  • Our negativity bias and its influence on feedback
  • Using the AID model to deliver reinforcing and developmental feedback
  • Knowing your ‘why’ when delivering development feedback
  • Psychological tips for preparing for feedback conversations including checking assumptions, managing emotions & using the right language
  • Practicing feedback conversations
  • Three step approach to dealing with emotional responses & push-back
  • Acknowledging emotional responses with the agreement frame
  • Demonstrating appropriate empathy & seeking to understand
  • Using the GROW model as the coaching framework to gain buy-in to performance solutions

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Recognise the importance of conducting constructive performance conversations
  • Develop supporting skills to prepare for & deliver reinforcing & developmental feedback
  • Use coaching questions to help improve performance & develop others

“This has totally changed my mindset on how best to approach giving feedback”