With a staggeringly low amount of people taking the time to complain, only 1 in 26, we need to make sure that we successfully resolve complaints when they do arise. Not only deliver excellent customer service, but also to create advocates for our organisations. Loyal customers often arise as a direct result of having their complaints successfully resolved more than if they had simply appreciated good service. As the word ‘Complaint’ can sometimes trigger negative emotions in those on the receiving end we need to reconfigure how we think about it – a complaint is an opportunity to develop a loyal customer. This course will take participants through a complaint handling cycle to instil greater confidence to resolve customer issues with success.

Course content to include…

  • The importance of handling complaints successfully & its role within delivering excellent customer service
  • Reflecting on personal experiences of good & bad customer service issues to build a complaint handling strategy
  • The complaint handling cycle
  • How to connect with ‘customers’ & build rapport quickly over the phone
  • Using the right tone of voice & language in emails to sustain rapport
  • Considering language used in email follow ups to
  • Dealing with conflict statements & emotional responses
  • Recognise the emotional quality behind a complaint
  • Acknowledge complainants’ point of view & reassure them
  • Ask the right questions to encourage a dialogue & elicit information
  • Demonstrate appropriate levels of empathy & active listening
  • Confirming a customer’s point of view & making them feel involved in the solution
  • Providing relevant information & help where needed whilst clearly articulating any organisational limitations to resolving their complaint

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Build confidence in handling complaints
  • Reassure complainants & make them feel heard
  • Strengthen the overall customer experience

“Despite 16 years’ experience in dealing with complaints from members of the public I was still able to find so many useful tips on this course. Thank you this has been great for my team”