This course is designed to encourage participants to think about their own & their team’s levels of accountability and the impact that has on the organisation as a whole. Providing a chance to reflect on existing levels of accountability & ownership of tasks, behaviours and actions, it will allow people to overcome any personal blockers to achieving those standards whilst also enabling them to encourage colleagues and direct reports to take more direct ownership too.

Course content to include…

  • Defining accountability within the workplace
  • Establish what it really means to be accountable and what that looks like at both an individual, team & leadership level
  • Importance of accountability and the impact on culture
  • The core components of accountability & how to demonstrate them with consistent actions & behaviours
  • Identifying the psychological barriers that stop people from taking ownership
  • Breaking the ‘blame game’ & reframing what it means to be accountable
  • Personal accountability assessment & areas for development
  • Building team accountability by being CLEAR
  • Dealing with derailers – what to do when things go wrong, taking ownership & learning from mistakes
  • The 4 Cs of Building Leadership accountability
  • Creating a common purpose with a compelling ‘why’ – aligning big picture strategy with individual objectives
  • Setting clear expectations & responsibilities & closing the accountability gap
  • Using SMART to make an accountability request
  • Importance of clear communication & collaboration
  • Encouraging people to take ownership with conversational coaching
  • Providing timely & effective feedback to AID future development

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Build personal levels of accountability
  • Encourage a culture of ownership within their teams
  • Recognise & overcome blockers to accountability

“Really fun way to look at how to take ownership & accountability as both an individual contributor and in my capacity as a leader”