This course is designed to give attendees the ability to become more assertive in the workplace in a way that all parties feel respected and can achieve positive outcomes. It will provide tools to boost self-esteem and confidence and give strong communication strategies. Ideal for those who wish to learn how to become more assertive to better achieve personal & work-related goals. Also for those who manage others and wish to do so without being aggressive or passive.

Course content to include…

  • What assertiveness is & why is it important
  • Current levels of assertiveness self-assessment
  • Behaviour iceberg & communication model to understand where our behaviour comes from
  • Assertiveness vs. passive or aggressive behaviour – how to recognise each in self & others
  • The assertiveness see-saw & how to avoid overreacting
  • Barriers and benefits to adopting a more assertive style of communication
  • Using the ASSERT model to be more assertive
  • Modelling assertiveness role models to boost confidence levels
  • Learn how to read and use body language to your advantage
  • Verbal assertiveness skills – questioning, listening, tonality, inflection
  • Communicating a CLEAR message
  • Oncken’s rules of monkey management and how to say no assertively
  • How to ask for what you want with 6 levels of assertive language

By the end of the course learners will be able to…

  • Use body language to strengthen assertive behaviour
  • Deal more effectively with aggression and passivity in others
  • Communicate messages with confidence & appropriate levels of assertiveness


“Very enjoyable and useful course; great trainer and useful exercises; good course material”