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What makes a Good vs. Bad Manager?

21 Feb 2024
According to the CIPD, the number one reason people leave organisations isn’t salary or lack of progression, it’s their manager. People don’t leave organisations they leave bad managers. Reflect...

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The Art of Delegation

26 Jan 2024
The Art of Delegation: The best way to save time and develop teams Read more

How SMART are your goals?

14 Dec 2023
Goal Setting Strategy: How SMART are your goals? How often do you achieve the goals you set out to do at the start of each year? You probably achieved some of them, and the othe...

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To see or not to see – your CV

3 May 2023
Having recently recruited for a new role I was struck by two things:
  1. How many people applied – over 200 CVs to go through and assess
  2. How many fundamental mistakes people ma...

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

26 Oct 2021
By Jules MacMillan. Ever worried that you’re going to be found out? Feel like a fraud? Or feel undeserving of success? Then you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. But don’t worry, you’re not...

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Let’s Talk About Feedback

11 Oct 2021
Love it or loathe it, giving and receiving feedback is a crucial tool to develop people to achieve organisational objectives. While I suspect there may not be that many people out there who love gi...

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Taking Control back from your Fears

12 Aug 2021
After the terror attack on London Bridge in 2017, I was scared to go into London. After other terror incidents I’d been upset, but I was able to go about my daily life. London Bridge felt differ...

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